Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Him & Her

I realized you guys don't really know anything about me or my elder!
I mean come on Lexi...
Be smarter than that!
So I decided to give you guys a little background story on each of us
Than you'll actually know something about this crazy MG you've been reading about :)

Born & Raised: Preston was born in South Jordan, Utah and after first grade his family moved to Aurora, Colorado. It's insane how much he loves Colorado and the neighborhood he grew up in.
Career: He wants to be a surgeon eventually. Yes I know that's freaking awesome but freaking expensive schooling. Plus he wants to be the type of surgeon that reattaches limbs. In other words, something really uncommon and probably not that needed in Utah. AKA I'm probably going to have to move all around the country for this boy. But I don't care. I'd follow him anywhere.
School: While he was finishing his senior year he was accepted and preparing to go to a college in Arizona. But something didn't feel right and in May he changed his mind last minute to go to UVU. Which is insane and exactly like what happened to me. His entire family went to University of Utah so he plans on attending medical school there after he completes his first few years at UVU. 
Sports: In high school he was on the diving team. You know what that means?
Hottie boom a lottie with a swimmers body
I really hope you all know where that quote came from! 
He absolutely loves basketball and he's pretty dang good at it. Oh! And how could I forget snowboarding?? He LIVES for the winter and the snow. It's so adorable how much he loves going. 
Music: He likes just about everything! Which is nice for me.. he's not picky when I'm in charge of the music :) Although sometimes for me it can be a little hard.. He's a boy. And like most boys he likes the occasional screamo music. Especially if he's in a bad mood. 
Hobbies: He LOVES playing music. And he is pretty great at it. Mostly the guitar.
which can I just say.. a boy that can play the guitar?? Ah! Just fell in love again.
He can play the drums and piano too. Yeah he's one musically talented kid. And if you didn't guess it..
He was in a band in high school with a bunch of his closest friends. The weird thing is that they were actually really good! Most bands in high school aren't exactly the best.. but I will be the first to say that his band was great! 
Favorite Things: Color- Red 
TV Show- How I Met Your Mother, Psych, Workaholics
 Food- Salmon 
 Band- A Day To Remember
Movie- Nacho Libre

Born & Raised: Brigham City, Utah! I lived in Orem while going to school and my family is moving! Just the beginning of another adventure.
Career: All growing up I wanted to be a surgeon but once I was about to graduate from my senior year of high school my priorities changed. I didn't want to go through all the school when I would want to start a family. I changed it to forensic science. Yes I'm going to be one of those awesome people at the crime scenes. I'm quite excited! And it cut my schooling in more than half.
School: I had planned on attending Utah State University for quite a few years. Mostly because that's what everyone else wanted me to do. But with less than a month left of senior year I heard of Utah Valley University. I had never thought about that school ever. EVER. And this overwhelming feeling came over me, saying I needed to go to school there. And I'm so grateful I did! If I never changed my mind, I never would've met Preston.
Sports: I did Track & Field in high school. My specialty being the 100M, 200M and 400M dash. No way could I ever do cross country. There's a reason I'm a sprinter. I also really love basketball! I'm up for learning any kind of sport! Which is good cause I'm sure I'll be learning how to snowboard in my future :)
Music: I'm not picky with music. As long as it's not screamo. Can not handle that stuff. Mostly love country though. I am a country girl at heart.
Hobbies: I love anything with art. Mostly chalk pastels though, not the biggest fan of pencil. It's way too smudgy! I took ten years of piano but I've been playing for a total of twelve. I'm not good with playing in front of crowds. So no, I don't play in church or seminary/institute. That's just one of my fears I'm going to have to get over! When I have time, I love reading. It's a great escape when you don't want to be you at the moment. I read when I'm really missing Preston or having a hard day, it keeps me distracted for a little while!
Favorite Things: Color- Teal
TV Show- How I Met Your Mother, Psych, Pretty Little Liars, Big Bang Theory
Food- Chicken Alfredo
Band- Parachute
Movie- Pitch Perfect

First Met: August 23, 2012
Started Dating: October 2012
Anniversary Date: November 4, 2012
First 'I love you': It's a funny story actually. I knew he had been wanting to tell me but I could tell he needed a little push. So I told him I wouldn't kiss him until my condition was met. 
Haha yes I really did that.
He knew exactly what I was talking about! But he wanted to make it special and waited about a day to plan out how he was going to do it. The next day he blind folded me and put me in his car and drove all over the place! He eventually stopped and took me
out of the car, still blindfolded by the way! He walked me a little ways until I could hear ducks quacking. Oh and just a p.s. I LOVE DUCKS. Like seriously. Love them. So of course I was freaking out by now. He finally let me take the blindfold off and I saw the most beautiful park. It was dark outside but that didn't matter. It was probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. He walked me around the park until he found the perfect spot and pulled me to face him. He took both my hands in his and started telling me all the things he loved about me. After he got done with his list he paused and then told me
"I love you Lexi". Duh I kissed him then! He met his condition and I told him I loved him too. One of the best memories I have.
Favorite Things To Do Together: Random adventures, just sitting around cuddling, watching How I Met Your Mother, driving around for no reason, going on dates, rock climbing, talking for hours, and the absolute best one.. going to the pond where we first said 'I love you' and feed the ducks :)
We Hope: To return from both our missions around the same time and get married in the temple not too much later. Eventually start a family together and live happily ever after.

I'm the luckiest girl alive. 
I'm proud to be a missionary girlfriend.
And I wouldn't change anything.

Happy Waiting!!

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