Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"You Are My Sunshine" Package

A few days ago I sent off the sunshine package to Preston and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out....

First off, all the random things I put inside! I seriously raided Dollar Tree and got anything that was either yellow or I knew he would laugh about. And since everything was a dollar is was beyond cheap!! Plus your missionary most likely won't be able to keep all this stuff because they only have limited amount of space and it wouldn't be that big of a deal if he threw them out after a few weeks! It was only a dollar for crying out loud! I also tried to get him things him and his companion could both have fun with. And don't forget the treats!!! Come on, you know boys love their food so spoil them with anything you know they love!

Next I had to put in a few sentimental things of course :) Girls will be girls! And as much as a boy might deny it to his friends, he really does love all the mushy gushy stuff. He loves hearing about how much you love him and all the effort with show that you still care about him even though he's miles apart.

I started off with an idea I saw on pinterest called an ABC book of reasons you love him...

After that I decided to make something that would remind him how about much he means to me daily so.. I started off buying a little gold box (to match my theme) 

Then I got colored paper and wrote down 10 reasons on each color of why I love him, cut them into small strips, fold them up and stick them in this box! I t ended up being 50 reasons since I had five different colors of paper but I could have definitely done more! I just didn't have anymore room in the box! But fill free to make as many reasons as you would like. After that was all done I cut out two hearts, one bigger than the other, and wrote "50 days of why I love you" on the bigger one and on the smaller "read one every day". Such a cute and INEXPENSIVE way to show your missionary you care :)

The only things I had left to do was finish up decorating the box and then put it all together! 

To make the box more sparkly and "sunshiney" I decided to decorate the inside with glittery foam stickers found at Dollar Tree.. once again a very inexpensive way to spice up your package..

Finally the last thing was to put everything into the box! I didn't do it in any special way.. you know just piled it all in there and made it fit the best I could. It seriously barely fit!! I was surprised at it all did actually! I had gotten a lot of stuff!! After I everything was in the box I covered the top with confetti, or easter grass, whatever you want to call it..

Viola! There you have it :) Make sure to send me pictures of your packages! I would love to see them!

UPDATE: I'm no longer posting on this blog since I'm not waiting for a missionary anymore and am now married! But I have a new blog called Lexi Rachelle where I post twice a week about life, beauty, DIY's and more! I'd love for you to check it out :)

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  1. Uhm, hi Lexi. I'm a missionary girlfriend too. I'm from Cebu City, Philippines and my mish is assigned to labor in Salt Lake City, Utah. I've been scrolling and reading your blog lately. And I was wondering if how much does it cost you to send packages for your mish in Phils. Because from here to SLC, a half kilo would cost Php2,700 (approximately $66). I envy you because it seemed to be soooo easy and cheap to send packages for your mish. I hope I could send him packages soon too :)