Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dealing With The Rough Days

Okay ladies we all know we have these days..

The hideous crying that never seems to stop

Listening to all your songs
Sleeping in his old T-shirt
Taking your missionary build-a-bear with you wherever you go
Hating your friends when they go on dates
Looking through every picture you've taken with them
Watching old videos over and over
Smelling their cologne for hours
Watching chick flicks alone while eating tubs of ice cream

But you know what? 
Why should we suffer like this for two years? 

I mean.. being miserable for two years is just plain horrible! We shouldn't be making this the worst two years of our life. Of course we still miss our missionaries and want more than anything to be with them, why else would we be waiting for them?! But this is a chance for us to grow and we can become even closer to our missionaries if we have the right attitude. 

The real question here is how do we deal with those rough days? 

Whenever I'm having a particularly hard day I try to do things I know will HELP me INSTEAD of things I know will make me more miserable. For example, when you're already sad and upset listening to depressing music will not make you feel better. Hopefully that is common sense. Of course for us girls, it's always harder for us to not make us feel worse. I will admit I do every single one of those things on the list above even though I know it's going to make me feel worse. Now, I'm not saying all those things are a bad thing. Like looking through pictures or watching videos of each other are GREAT things!!! I don't know what I would do without them but it's all about what your intentions are. Don't look at pictures of the two of you if you're going to think "look how happy I WAS" or "my life is HORRIBLE now that he's gone" instead think things like "I'm so HAPPY he's serving the Lord" or "he STILL makes me that happy even miles away". Trust me. It makes all the difference!

Here are a few things I do to help me:

Watch videos on Youtube of missionary homecomings-- if that doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will!

Name at least five reasons why you're waiting for him-- remind yourself why you're doing this in the first place
Stalk missionary girlfriends on Instagram-- we ALL support each other :)
Look through "waiting for my missionary" boards on Pinterest-- makes you excited to do things for your missionary
Plan your next package-- keeps your mind busy while still being able to think about him
Write him a letter-- he WANTS to hear from you
TALK TO SOMEONE-- whether it's another MG or your mom, doesn't matter!
Watch old videos AND SMILE
Read MG blogs-- they are absolutely amazing!
Read the Book of Mormon-- best medicine for an aching heart
GET ON YOUR KNEES-- He knows exactly how you're feeling
Look at pictures of your missionary out in the field-- see how happy he is?
Get out of the house-- get some fresh air to clear your head
Look at your countdown-- be proud of how far you've come!
Read old letters/emails-- miles apart and you still love each other

Don't give up ladies! Two years is nothing compared to eternity :)

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