Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Read When Letters

So I decided to jump on the band wagon and make the 
Read When Letters

Word of warning: This is VERY time consuming!
Make sure you start early so you can finish it before you send off your next package.

It was really hard for me to come up with enough ideas at first but after long hours of searching I found a post someone did about them and listed off like thirty different ideas! It was such a blessing, let me tell you. Or else Preston would've only gotten four letters. 
And that's just sad.
I ended up with 
different letters.

 But after getting all my topics I decided that having just a single letter in there would be boring. And I came up with the idea to fill each envelope with all kinds of little things. Such as:

Funny Sayings
Love Sayings

Yeah I know it doesn't sound that much more exciting. But I promise it ended up way cute! Seriously. Anyway since I had to write nineteen different letters I decided to only make them a page each and I knew there was going to be lots of different things for him to look at and read. Then of course I decorated each envelope! That was like the best part! Haha just kidding but really.

Here are the different topics I used:
You Need a Kiss
You Need a Laugh
You Need a Hug
You Need a Smile
You Need a Little Encouragement
You Need To Hear From Me
You Are Feeling Homesick
You Are Missing Me
You Are Having Language Trouble
You Are Having Companion Trouble
You Are Stressed
You Are Feeling Unsuccessful
You Have Been Out 6 Months
You Have Been Out 1 Year
You Have Been Out 18 Months
You Are Coming Home
I Leave For My Mission
You Need a Few Memories
You Need To Know How Much I Love You

Here's a few examples of what I put inside each envelope...
You Need To Know How Much I Love You

You Need a Laugh

You Need a Few Memories

You Need a Little Encouragement

You Need a Hug

After I finished each one I tied them all together with a cute bow :)

This whole project was so much fun! It took me quite a while.. a couple weeks but totally worth all the hard work. I hope this post gives you ladies ideas for your Read When Letters :)

Happy Waiting!

UPDATE: I'm no longer posting on this blog since I'm not waiting for a missionary anymore and am now married! But I have a new blog called Lexi Rachelle where I post twice a week about life, beauty, DIY's and more! I'd love for you to check it out :)


  1. thats pretty cool! im looking to do this for my girlfriend for christmas because ill be leaving to the military

  2. For the "companion trouble" envelope, what did you write/ put in there? I'm trying to do some of these for my boyfriend, and have no idea what to put in that one.

  3. That's a really amazing gift...

  4. My girlfriend is away at college and she's done some of these for me. They really are helpful in a long distance relationship. I found this blog because I'm trying to find more categories. Do you remember any of the ones you didn't use?

  5. Love it! What did you put in the "When you need a kiss" one? I want to make these letters for my boyfriend who's leaving on a mission soon!


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