Saturday, September 21, 2013

Guessing Game: Where Will I Be Serving?

After I received my mission call I needed to tell Preston where I would be serving.
Of course I wasn't going to just TELL him! Where's the fun in that?
And since he's living in the Philippines, which is about.. 7000 miles away
I had no need to worry if he was going to find out from someone else. 
For weeks after I got my call, he had no idea where or when I would be going and boy did I torture him with it. I decided to send him a little guessing game in his birthday package
(which I will be posting about soon)
I sent him eight different clues that gradually got more specific and the very last clue
was a copy of my mission call.

For my first few clues I decided to make them really vague,
 for example the type of weather that's typical in your area.

The next clues I did were a little more specific, like any geographical things or something a country is known for.

After those I made them more mission specific.

The last two clues are my very favorite ones. I wrote my name out in Spanish (or whatever language you'll be speaking) and the last one was the country's flag (or state's). I highly doubt he'll ever be able to guess the specific mission but he better at least be able to guess the country!!

I finished it all off with putting all the clues and my folded up mission call in an envelope, along with a few pictures from the day I opened it!
This was so much fun to make and he told me he loved trying to figure out where I was serving! So instead of just telling him, make him work a little for it :)

Happy Waiting!!

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