Monday, November 17, 2014

I Moved!

Hey ya'll!!
I haven't posted on here in forever!
Just a quick little update, I am no longer posting on this blog..
I started a brand new one called Lexi Rachelle
Go ahead and check it out if you're curious what I've been up to!
Anyway love you all!
And remember..
Happy Waiting!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


I can't even begin to describe to you how I feel about today. 
It's such a mixture of emotions and my mind is going crazy thinking about it all. I began telling myself, don't worry today is almost over. I'll go to sleep, wake up and it'll be tomorrow. Then I realize tomorrow won't be much better either. It'll probably actually be worse. What a sad thought huh? 
I should be excited! I should be happy!
But I'm more nervous than anything.
Its the kind of feeling you get when you know something big is coming. Some sort of big change and you're not sure if it's a good or a bad thing. So all you can feel is nervous. 
The only thing I have going for me right now is the love I feel from our Heavenly Father. Knowing He's there and He's willing to listen to my problems, makes all the difference in the world. 

I know I need to be open, I need to be willing to go the way the Lord would have me go. Sometimes is just hard though. Especially when you want something so badly but you're not sure if you can have it. I keep repeating to myself to be open. To not get so set on something and be disappoint if it doesn't happen. I still can't help but have hope. 
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to slow down my mind and really focus on what I should do. Or at least calm down enough so I can think clearly! For now I just need a good nights sleep. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Well everyone I'm home! 
Not what you were expecting right? 
Yeah me either. 
But sometimes things happen that we can't control and the only thing we can do is choose how to react. I'm choosing to look on the bright side of things and see the simple blessings from our Heavenly Father. 
It is definitely not easy. It's probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Being home has been such a challenge. For one, my plans for the next year and a half have been completely changed and I'm scrambling to figure out what to do. Another thing, 
People can be so judgmental. It's hard keeping your head up and standing strong when you know there's others trying to tear you down. But I refuse to let that happen. Yes I came home from my mission, but at least I gave it my all. I served with all my heart and I don't have any regrets.
By far the hardest thing about being home is,
Being home.
Sometimes I feel like a complete failure.
I have moments where I think to myself, 
"I shouldn't be here.
I should be out there serving.
I should be in Mexico.
I'm letting so many people down."
But you know what? None of that is true. Satan is working really hard on me. He's trying to pull me down and make me feel hopeless. He doesn't want me happy. He doesn't want me to realize my full potential. 
But guess what?
I know the ending to this story.
He won't win. He won't ever win. 
It's a daily struggle and I know that but I won't give up hope. I'm going to be okay, it'll just take a little time. As long as I trust in the Lord everything will work out and I'll realize this little bump in my road is exactly that, just a little bump.
But for now I plan on taking it just one day at a time.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Guessing Game: Where Will I Be Serving?

After I received my mission call I needed to tell Preston where I would be serving.
Of course I wasn't going to just TELL him! Where's the fun in that?
And since he's living in the Philippines, which is about.. 7000 miles away
I had no need to worry if he was going to find out from someone else. 
For weeks after I got my call, he had no idea where or when I would be going and boy did I torture him with it. I decided to send him a little guessing game in his birthday package
(which I will be posting about soon)
I sent him eight different clues that gradually got more specific and the very last clue
was a copy of my mission call.

For my first few clues I decided to make them really vague,
 for example the type of weather that's typical in your area.

The next clues I did were a little more specific, like any geographical things or something a country is known for.

After those I made them more mission specific.

The last two clues are my very favorite ones. I wrote my name out in Spanish (or whatever language you'll be speaking) and the last one was the country's flag (or state's). I highly doubt he'll ever be able to guess the specific mission but he better at least be able to guess the country!!

I finished it all off with putting all the clues and my folded up mission call in an envelope, along with a few pictures from the day I opened it!
This was so much fun to make and he told me he loved trying to figure out where I was serving! So instead of just telling him, make him work a little for it :)

Happy Waiting!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Read When Letters

So I decided to jump on the band wagon and make the 
Read When Letters

Word of warning: This is VERY time consuming!
Make sure you start early so you can finish it before you send off your next package.

It was really hard for me to come up with enough ideas at first but after long hours of searching I found a post someone did about them and listed off like thirty different ideas! It was such a blessing, let me tell you. Or else Preston would've only gotten four letters. 
And that's just sad.
I ended up with 
different letters.

 But after getting all my topics I decided that having just a single letter in there would be boring. And I came up with the idea to fill each envelope with all kinds of little things. Such as:

Funny Sayings
Love Sayings

Yeah I know it doesn't sound that much more exciting. But I promise it ended up way cute! Seriously. Anyway since I had to write nineteen different letters I decided to only make them a page each and I knew there was going to be lots of different things for him to look at and read. Then of course I decorated each envelope! That was like the best part! Haha just kidding but really.

Here are the different topics I used:
You Need a Kiss
You Need a Laugh
You Need a Hug
You Need a Smile
You Need a Little Encouragement
You Need To Hear From Me
You Are Feeling Homesick
You Are Missing Me
You Are Having Language Trouble
You Are Having Companion Trouble
You Are Stressed
You Are Feeling Unsuccessful
You Have Been Out 6 Months
You Have Been Out 1 Year
You Have Been Out 18 Months
You Are Coming Home
I Leave For My Mission
You Need a Few Memories
You Need To Know How Much I Love You

Here's a few examples of what I put inside each envelope...
You Need To Know How Much I Love You

You Need a Laugh

You Need a Few Memories

You Need a Little Encouragement

You Need a Hug

After I finished each one I tied them all together with a cute bow :)

This whole project was so much fun! It took me quite a while.. a couple weeks but totally worth all the hard work. I hope this post gives you ladies ideas for your Read When Letters :)

Happy Waiting!

UPDATE: I'm no longer posting on this blog since I'm not waiting for a missionary anymore and am now married! But I have a new blog called Lexi Rachelle where I post twice a week about life, beauty, DIY's and more! I'd love for you to check it out :)

All My Heart

Wow has it really been a month since I last blogged?? 
It has been so crazy since I got my mission call! I haven't had as much free time with everything 
I need to do to prepare. 
But don't you worry I'm still here waiting for Preston :)
There has been SO much that happened in the last month!
I'm going to have to do multiple posts just to cover it all!
But today was extra special because 
Seriously. I live for these moments. 
Do you know what else I got? 
I asked him for one a couple months ago and I finally have it!
I know it's silly to love something like a name tag.. but I don't care. I'll scream from the rooftops about how much I love this little thing. 
At the end of his letter he wrote a little bit of the lyrics from the song
All My Heart by Sleeping With Sirens
It's so perfect.

Did you know its been 178 days since me and Preston were living our lives in Orem?
And its been 134 days since he left for his two year mission?
Guess what.
I still love him more than anything.
For all you people that said I couldn't do it or I wouldn't make it one month..
4 months holding strong and I'm not faltering in the slightest.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Birthday Pictures

This is Preston's first birthday away from home
so I wanted to make sure it was a special one.
I'm sure it was an amazing and depressing day all at once.
There's not much I can do when I'm in a different country and we can't call
each other, but I knew there was one thing that would make him smile.


Duh! Like come on, that's common sense. 
Pictures mean the world to missionaries since they get a little glimpse of what
you're up to. I wanted him to know I was thinking about him on his special day and that I love him more than anything. So I got all dressed up and headed off to take some birthday pictures :)

One thing that is a must is CREATIVITY.
Make this as fun as possible, you can definitely tell in a picture whether you're enjoying yourself or not.
My favorite thing to use is signs. 
It's like combining a letter and a picture in one.
I decided to use cardboard for my signs.
I like the way it looks small town. But that's just me! 
I've seen pictures done with chalkboards, printed words, cut out letters/numbers,
just about anything you can think of!!
What I wanted was something similar to a postcard, so it required 
four different signs.
four different pictures.
Here's the individual pictures...

After I picked the ones I liked best I put them in a collage 
so it was all on one picture...
Of course I wanted to send a couple extra pictures..

I love this boy more than anything. 
Happy birthday Preston!