Thursday, August 8, 2013

3 Months

Today Preston's been out for 3 months!
I can't believe its been this long already.
It feels like yesterday he left
Then I blinked and it's 3 months later!

 I had a "Roommate Get Together" 

 Went to Lagoon with my family :)

 Taught this little princess the beauty of lipstick

 Was able to go with my best friend to do baptisms for her first time.
Most amazing experience.

 My mom had a little too much fun taking pictures.. 
She pulled over to the side of the road just because she thought this 
tractor was cool.

 I received my mission call :)
Off to Mexico I go!

 My brother had his 27th birthday :)

 I turned 19 :)

Became OBSESSED with this show.
I was very depressed they cancelled it...
But on the bright side they're making a movie!!!


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