Our Story

Preston and Lexi-

After graduating from high school in 2012 I planned on attending Utah State University. I never felt calm and peaceful about my decision to go to USU but I was doing what everyone else wanted to me to do. However, I was drawn to Utah Valley University in Orem and I had no idea why. That school hadn't crossed my mind until May, a month before graduation! So I decided I would check it out and go from there. After attending a campus tour I had the most amazing, specific feeling that I needed to attend school there in the fall. I turned in a late application, which meant no possible way to receive a scholarship. I got everything set up in less than a month, it was insanely stressful. Once August rolled around, all the nerves and stress from moving out and going to a school I knew barely anything about disappeared. 

That first night in my new apartment the complex had an opening social. Haha little did I know that would be the day my life changed forever. Turns out Preston lived right across the hall from me and we would be playing on the same dodge ball team at the party. I remember thinking he was really cute and sweet but I was currently in another relationship with my high school boyfriend so I wasn't interested in meeting new guys. But there was something different about him that I just couldn't ignore. It wasn't too long after that I broke up with my boyfriend because I didn't feel the same way about him anymore and it wasn't fair to him to keep dragging him along. After that, I began hanging out with Preston every night. We hit it off right away and within a week it felt as if I'd known him my entire life.

 In the beginning I didn't want to seriously date him because I knew he was leaving for his mission sometime soon but he is one persistent guy :) And I'm so grateful he was! We had the most amazing five months together before he had to move back to Colorado with his family to prepare for his mission. He was gone for six weeks before he had to report to the MTC so it was almost like a practice run of being away from him. It made us grow closer and our relationship was twice as strong as before. He left for his mission in the Philippines on May 8, 2013.


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  2. where is he serving in the Philippines? :)