Sunday, August 18, 2013

Birthday Pictures

This is Preston's first birthday away from home
so I wanted to make sure it was a special one.
I'm sure it was an amazing and depressing day all at once.
There's not much I can do when I'm in a different country and we can't call
each other, but I knew there was one thing that would make him smile.


Duh! Like come on, that's common sense. 
Pictures mean the world to missionaries since they get a little glimpse of what
you're up to. I wanted him to know I was thinking about him on his special day and that I love him more than anything. So I got all dressed up and headed off to take some birthday pictures :)

One thing that is a must is CREATIVITY.
Make this as fun as possible, you can definitely tell in a picture whether you're enjoying yourself or not.
My favorite thing to use is signs. 
It's like combining a letter and a picture in one.
I decided to use cardboard for my signs.
I like the way it looks small town. But that's just me! 
I've seen pictures done with chalkboards, printed words, cut out letters/numbers,
just about anything you can think of!!
What I wanted was something similar to a postcard, so it required 
four different signs.
four different pictures.
Here's the individual pictures...

After I picked the ones I liked best I put them in a collage 
so it was all on one picture...
Of course I wanted to send a couple extra pictures..

I love this boy more than anything. 
Happy birthday Preston!

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