Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Craft: Decorating Inside of Package

Since all you have to send to your missionary is a package, you want to use every inch of it! So of course you should decorate the package flaps but also the bottom! Most people have themes for their packages, mine is "You are my Sunshine" because it's almost the summer and he's one of the best things in my life! I wanted to let him know that! So of course it centers around the color yellow, I'll be sure to do another post on what I put into it. My entire goal for when he opens the package is to make him smile. So I thought of the great idea to put a picture message on the bottom :) Here's the pictures and then the finished product:

The flaps of the box were a lot easier and much simpler! Just glue some pieces of paper onto them and decorate them however you want! I like to put the "theme" of the package very noticeable on one of the flaps. For example, I put "5 Month Anniversary" in big pretty letters on the last package and this package says "You are my Sunshine" I like to make sure he gets the whole theme thing. Sometimes boys aren't very perceptive :)

Seriously this is probably one of the funnest parts of sending your missionary a package! Just let all your creative juices flow and make it as cute and girly as possible :)

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