Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pictures For Your Missionary

I wanted to send Preston a package at the MTC but I didn't know what to put in it! There's no holidays.. no major events.. no mile markers... nothing. But ya see, to send a package to the Philippines is very VERY expensive and I'm not so sure how many I can afford to send there. So I thought of the brilliant idea to send him one now while he's only a couple hours away! Pretty smart right? Well then I had the dilemma of what to send him... 

Then I came across this blog.. http://keepcalmandwaiton.blogspot.com/ and she had an adorable idea to send him some pictures with her holding the words, "Taylor will you be my missionary?" How freaking cute is that?! So cute. I decided to give it a shot and although mine didn't turn out quite as good as hers, I'm still pleased!

I also made him an ABC book of why I love him/encouraging thoughts that I saw on pinterest. Here's the link: http://pinterest.com/pin/362962051188719087/ 
I'm thinking about doing this at some point.. probably not this time but another one very soon...

Which was also found on pinterest http://pinterest.com/pin/362962051188731343/

If anyone else has any ideas for me please please tell me about them! I still have to think of quite a few other things to put into this package and I would love any ideas you have!


  1. Uhm you are so cute! The pictures turned out great :) I'm sure your missionary will love them! I also love the drawing about distract. Genius!

    1. Thank you so much for the GREAT idea! :) I never would've thought of it on my own!